Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a new home?

We have spent the last months looking for a new home. The home we live in is small and needs renovating, we looked a renovating but really it is just to small... so we started looking.

In the process we have found one house we liked really a lot but thought it would go for more than we could afford (it didn't) one house we liked really a lot that we could live in forever and thought we could afford (we couldn't) and seemingly hundreds of houses that we walk in and out of quickly and give 'a cross' as Thomas says. Honestly, the things people do to houses. 'What where they thinking' and 'they are dreaming (said dreamen)' are two pretty familiar comments as we walk away from house hunting.

It is most efficient to go just Gaye and I, drop the small boy at a friends place and wizz from place to place - usually on foot.

It is most fun to go with Thomas - he has very definite ideas about what is required in our new home...and hugely amusing observations about other peoples homes. Key elements for Thomas are not the key elements at all for us. Regularly he suggests if the second bedroom is a bit small, that it is simple we will just put his bed in our room and the other can be his play room. Hmmm...

This weekend was a weekend where we took Thomas house hunting with us. This involves a certain amount of negotiation - because although he seems to enjoy it when he is doing it, he assures us it is 'not his thing'. So, benchmarks were set (only four houses darling) and a promise that the afternoon would involve no further adventures beyond our street.

We looked at house A - it was 'given a cross', we looked at house B it was 'given a BIG cross,’ house C we had the wrong time for so it was closed ('Yay only three houses then!') we looked at house D which was located in the street of his good friend and he thought it was FABULOUS and almost begged us not to give it a cross - but cross indeed it was given by both adults. Thomas was not pleased.

As we were leaving we came across another house - and for some reason decided to go in even though (a) we were getting grief from the small child about it and (b) it said two bedrooms and we have been diligently looking at three bedrooms.

Anyway ... it is perfect. It has a study and two bedrooms, it has two living spaces. It has a bath and a second toilet; it has separate living and sleeping/studying areas. (this makes it sound huge – it is not! It is a very typical inner city home) There is nothing in the house we hate. It is light and airy and lovely. And what Thomas likes is the stair gate (yup! that is right the stair gate)

We really think this could be our new home...a home for four (two adults, one child and a new dog) and home for us.

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