Friday, December 14, 2007

Do you believe?

Thomas - bless his cotton sox - is so enjoying the lead up to Christmas this year. The advent calendar is fun, picking out and talking about presents is completely fabulous especially leaking fake ideas about what a present might be. (Imagine lots of over acting, wide eyes the whole bit) and the looking forwarding to spending time with family is completely fantastic. If only it could last longer (in his mind!).

We have had a question about Santa's realness (tell me the truth Mum!) but he is completely clear that it would be a bit rude not to believe in Santa since he brings presents. I think this will be our last year when he believes but next year he will really want to enter into Al believing so the fun can go on...

My line is it depends on what you aunt has told him she got up once in the middle of the night and saw a flash of red she is sure was Santa. Gaye told him she saw a flash of light the year she flew from Darwin at midnight on Christmas Day so she is completely sure he exists.

He has what he calls 'a full-proof 100% plan' in that he has asked Santa to give me a surf board this year and it 'isn't like you will be able to hide that in the car on the way to Papa's'. Soooo if I get a surf board and I can't see one on the car - Santa definitely exists!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I just read this post from Kelly from The Muriels:

The Australian Christian Lobby has started an email campaign called Man+Wife4Life here:


which encourages Christians to send emails to their pollies opposing the ACT Civil Union/Partnership Bill.

They've done a great job of uploading all the postcodes/pollies in Australia so that all you have to do is type in your p/code and it automatically comes up with the contact emails for you. You then type in your message and, "bingo" it shoots off to the appropriate representative.

I thought it would be a shame to waste such excellent work, so I have used their very clever form to send off emails of SUPPORT for the ACT Bill.

Posted here in case anyone else feels so inclined.

I just did it - it was so much fun ... I used all their language too - just turned it around!

Just in case anyone else felt like a bit of a laugh while, you know, trying to fix the world ...


We have entered into the Christmas spirit and our advent calendar full of activities with the tree up and Santa photos taken, our home is awash with Christmas cards that are half made and half written. It is Al's first Christmas but Thomas is awash with the traditions and must haves during the Christmas season. He has joined up all of our individual family traditions and made them his own. The things he enjoys the most are the 'doing things' that involve us all like:

  • each of us picking out a new decoration for our tree and Thomas picking one for his Dad's and one for my Mum's. This is a tradition that dates from my childhood and my parents tree (before they lost everything in the fire) was heavy with memories from childhood, early 20s travel and friends and relatives who visited for one Christmas or another as each trip or visit involved the adding of decorations to the tree. This year he picked up one for his brother and our tree is starting to look nice and full - I am looking forward to being an old lady and enjoying all those memories again. I will have a very strong memory from this year of Al rolling over and over from his spot in the middle of the room so he is lying under the decorated tree watching with huge eyes the lights and reaching up with all his might to grab a unreachable glowing star or twinkly ball.
  • stirring the pudding mixture and making a wish. This comes from my Dad's side of the family and Thomas has been involved every year in a pudding stirring. Some years when we won't see my folks around Christmas my Mum makes a pudding in November, this year she is saving one for the 21/12 when we will be there so he (and we) can have our annual wish. The last two years Gaye and I have wished for a baby and then his healthy arrival. Until a week or so ago I felt like I wouldn't know what to wish for this year - but now I shall wish for their ongoing health and happiness.
  • visiting Santa (includes photo - thou Thomas did in fact refuse to have his photo with that strangely dressed big man from aged 3 - 5 so there are a couple of years missing) and writing his note and leaving out some of my birthday cake for him at night
  • decorating the tree - which has been brought back to the first week in December as that is Gaye's tradition - which also must involve the playing of Christmas music (that's me) and now the decorating of the house (this is all Gaye and Thomas - who each respectfully love the 'tack' and 'beauty' of the Christmas lights)
  • buying a present to go under the wishing tree for a child whose parents can't give them Christmas
  • the making of a Christmas decoration - this year we are making chains of cardboard into reindeer's and Santa's. Complicated but good fun.
  • a picnic one night some where where there is carols by candlelight - some years we do the big thing in town - some years the local park or church
Rather endearingly Thomas enjoys the talking of what to get for others just as much as what he might get himself - possibly more. Gaye and Al have been away for a couple of days visiting and he is longing for her return so they can go for a walk and discuss at length (again) the birthday and Christmas possibilities.

We have also promised Thomas this year a drive in the middle of the night to look at houses where people 'go crazy' with their lights. We will also walk our neighbour hood on Christmas Eve - but it doesn't seem like our (slightly more inner city and groovy) neighbours are as enthusiastic as our old neighbourhood was.

Thomas has an advent calendar of course - it is day 11 today and he is sure it is going to take FOREVER to get to day 25!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Today I attended the funeral of one of Thomas' classmates. He was just 6 years old and only had a very short illness. I actually don't know what he died of (there are many stories going around school) but I understand he fought hard. I was moved by the service and a bit in awe of his mother who spoke so eloquently of her boy. My heart breaks of her and the rest of his family and the sight of that small coffin was overwhelming.

His sudden death has haunted me all week - as it would I think of any mother of a small boy. I am sitting here at my desk with his service notes in front of me and their is a photo taken sometime recently on the front of his grinning face.

We are trying to help Thomas understand that yes children do die but he can still feel safe in the world.

But mostly today - everyday - I thank the goddess that both my boys are well.