Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I just read this post from Kelly from The Muriels:

The Australian Christian Lobby has started an email campaign called Man+Wife4Life here:


which encourages Christians to send emails to their pollies opposing the ACT Civil Union/Partnership Bill.

They've done a great job of uploading all the postcodes/pollies in Australia so that all you have to do is type in your p/code and it automatically comes up with the contact emails for you. You then type in your message and, "bingo" it shoots off to the appropriate representative.

I thought it would be a shame to waste such excellent work, so I have used their very clever form to send off emails of SUPPORT for the ACT Bill.

Posted here in case anyone else feels so inclined.

I just did it - it was so much fun ... I used all their language too - just turned it around!

Just in case anyone else felt like a bit of a laugh while, you know, trying to fix the world ...

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Lo said...

Good call!!