Friday, December 14, 2007

Do you believe?

Thomas - bless his cotton sox - is so enjoying the lead up to Christmas this year. The advent calendar is fun, picking out and talking about presents is completely fabulous especially leaking fake ideas about what a present might be. (Imagine lots of over acting, wide eyes the whole bit) and the looking forwarding to spending time with family is completely fantastic. If only it could last longer (in his mind!).

We have had a question about Santa's realness (tell me the truth Mum!) but he is completely clear that it would be a bit rude not to believe in Santa since he brings presents. I think this will be our last year when he believes but next year he will really want to enter into Al believing so the fun can go on...

My line is it depends on what you aunt has told him she got up once in the middle of the night and saw a flash of red she is sure was Santa. Gaye told him she saw a flash of light the year she flew from Darwin at midnight on Christmas Day so she is completely sure he exists.

He has what he calls 'a full-proof 100% plan' in that he has asked Santa to give me a surf board this year and it 'isn't like you will be able to hide that in the car on the way to Papa's'. Soooo if I get a surf board and I can't see one on the car - Santa definitely exists!

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