Monday, December 03, 2007

Today I attended the funeral of one of Thomas' classmates. He was just 6 years old and only had a very short illness. I actually don't know what he died of (there are many stories going around school) but I understand he fought hard. I was moved by the service and a bit in awe of his mother who spoke so eloquently of her boy. My heart breaks of her and the rest of his family and the sight of that small coffin was overwhelming.

His sudden death has haunted me all week - as it would I think of any mother of a small boy. I am sitting here at my desk with his service notes in front of me and their is a photo taken sometime recently on the front of his grinning face.

We are trying to help Thomas understand that yes children do die but he can still feel safe in the world.

But mostly today - everyday - I thank the goddess that both my boys are well.

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Holly said...

oh my gosh. I can't even imagine.