Wednesday, November 21, 2007

another childhood milestone

I was going to be at a conference this week. Not a fabulous conference but it was in another state and staying in a hotel where breakfast in bed would be an everyday event for three whole days. When someone else would be making my bed and where I would get to look at new shops and of-course of-course learn new and interesting things from the conference and I would be away from my boss for awhile – which would be a nice break – the two of us need one from each other at the moment..

But alas no, I am not … I am at home – I am in the office.

I am at home and in the office because Thomas fell out of a tree on Friday night while we were at the park celebrating Lightning’s First Birthday (Which involved making a liver and rice flour birthday cake and making up dog and kid treat bags a couple of bottles of bubbly and some biccies and dips at the park with hmm 15 friends and 10 dogs. The party was very Thomas’ idea who also said in the lead up “well we will be celebrating Al’s first birthday won’t we? So why wouldn’t we celebrate Lightning’s he is part of our family” and “how many years do you think it will take Lightning to understand that it is his birthday in November”) and broke his arm.

I make light of it now because he is okay. He has a shoulder to wrist cast which is along the back of his arm. His full cast will go on tomorrow. But it is the “best kind” of break as it is in alignment. He is still in a bit of pain my poor darling and not sleeping all that well … and a tough few weeks ahead missing out on all sorts of things at school which is very sad.

But as my work friends have said it is a right of child hood and at least he did it in the normal way – falling out of a tree.


The Fonaholics said...

Classic, fell out of a tree! Hopefully its his only experience with broken bones, i myself broke both my arms and legs (at different times) plus a thumb as a kid, swings, bikes, checkout conveyor belt and a dodgy stool...glad i grew out of that!

Scribble said...

new reader here,
so sorry about your child!

Enjoyed my visit and will return!

Holly said...

Poor Thomas!
I guess almost every kid has a fall out of a tree story. So glad the break is seemingly not a major one.