Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thomas' Christmas talk

My celebration to talk about is Christmas.

Before Christmas we make the pudding. When I make the pudding we do it at Paule’s house with my cousins. We make a wish when we stir the pudding. Then on Christmas Day we eat the pudding.

We also decorate the tree. I decorate two trees one with Dad and H and one with Mum and Gaye. This year Al and Lightning will be there too.

My Dad grows a tree in a pot, my Mum tried to but she always killed them so now we get a fresh tree which is big.

We put milk and beer and my Mum’s birthday cake out for Santa and big juicy carrots for the reindeers. We read The Night Before Christmas before I go to bed. My Grandpa knows all the words.

There is lots of different music for Christmas and I like it because you only sing it when it is Christmas.

I like Christmas because it is a happy day

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