Thursday, July 27, 2006

16, 14, a trip to the hospital and 11

By late yesterday we had heard that 14 had been deemed okay for insemination.

I went and told Gaye as she lay in the bath with pretty rough post-op cramps and pain in her belly. We spent the afternoon watching Brokeback Mountain and the day went on, the pain got worse and at 7:00pm I rang the clinic to get some advice. They said she should keep doing what we were doing (heat packs, Panadol, fluids) but if the pain got unbearable we should go to the hospital.

I made her eat one of Thomas' glucosey iceblocks, and she tried to watch another dvd. The pain continued to get worse and worse and 10pm found us driving down the highway to the not-so near hospital (because we had done the procedure next door and that is what the clinic told us to do) with Gaye crying and moaning in pain.

We negotiated the thing that is the NSW Health System and we spent most of the night in an emergency with her on morphine and them trying to work out if she would need surgery to repair a tear that had obviously occurred during the retrieval. It was awful to see her in such pain.

This morning it all seems to be improving - we found out that 11 little eggs have taken to being inseminated. Yay! And it seems like Gaye’s tear will repair itself. She is still in reasonable amount of pain but at home now.

We will find out tomorrow if we should continue with the cycle or freeze the little ones, but hopefully her system should be OK and the wee ones (we call them the kids in boarding school) will hopefully grow into lovely blastocysts to implant on Monday or freeze for next month.

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