Friday, August 18, 2006

12 things from this moment that I don't want to forget about Thomas

  1. After a slow start he is really getting the hang of reading and enjoying it we are off at his request to by a ‘long’ book for him to read this afternoon.
  2. He still loves to play for extended periods in the bath, with a high pitched voice playing out his characters which are largely made up of about 20 rubber turtles and dinosaurs of different sizes.
  3. He still occasionally uses the term ‘elso’ his own combination word of also and else.
  4. He thinks that we all live to 100 and often tells me how many years to go.
  5. on the same vein that means that Gaye will die first, me second and him third
  6. He told me this morning that girls only have until they are 45 until they can’t have babies so I have 8 more years.
  7. We still count (and celebrate) the number of nights in a row without wetting the bed.
  8. He is loving art classes after school and the ones he is having in class with last year’s teacher Miss Emma. This morning she told me she loves his art because it is expressive and vibrant..
  9. He has lost or misplaced about 8 hats in the last two years at school
  10. He continues to be obsessed about playing soccer but is really looking forward to his circus classes.
  11. Although he can talk all day and night he is pretty cagey most of the time on the phone.
  12. In a couple of months we are taking a holiday for two weeks to Western Australia. None of us have been before and we have hired a campervan to travel from Perth up the coast. He likes the idea of the dolphins and the camping but mostly he loves that he will be sitting in the front seat between us.


Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

HUGE congratulations on the new little person!!! Hopefully, we'll follow you soon.

When are you in Perth? Have you been before?

J-Le said...

this is lovely

Clare said...

No Kelly/Sam we haven't been before. We are really looking forward to it. We have booked our flights and our van and have talked almost non-stop about what to take, eat, wear, games to play, dolphins to see,camping adventures for the last 8 weeks and we still have more than a month to go! If you can give any hints on places to see and stay - we would be glad to hear of it. We think we will drive north pretty quickly and then spend a couple of weeks driving south again, ending up with a few days in Perth. I am hoping to see a wildflower or two and Gaye and Thomas are full of swimming and water type adventures and a bit of desert!