Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Have you told Clare?

Gaye has a 16 year old nephew, Lee. Lee is lovely, kind of young for his age and in someways very protected. He has been the centre of her family - the only grandchild - and a much loved and spoiled nephew.

Lee has grown up all his life 'knowing' about his aunt. She has always been in same-sex relationships since well before his birth. He chose to call her previous partner who was with Gaye from when he was young 'Aunty.' Gaye's whole family is very open about Gaye's partners (my introduction to the extended family was at Gaye's mother's 60th birthday when I was dragged out the front to be in all the family photos and mentioned in the speeches). There is no hiding or the like going on here.

Gaye has been a bit nervous about telling Lee about Olive (the baby), he is about to finish Yr 12 and she didn't want to do anything that might upset him. She was worried he might feel a bit put out of his place.

She told him tonight. She was interrupted half way through the conversation (by me and the still not-yet told Thomas) and so had to ring him back about an hour later. His first question when he got back on the phone?

"It is great Aunty G, but have you told Clare yet??"

We have chuckled all night about it ... it seems like maybe we still have quite a bit of explaining to do...

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