Thursday, April 12, 2007

just to clarify

Thomas has somethings he has said that I want to remember
  • 'it's not for talking is it mum?' is his way of confirming that a decision has been made (it is because I say 'we will have to talk about it' as a delay or you know so I can talk about something with Gaye first)
  • when we first got Lightning (his puppy) I dutifully cooked up rice and organic meat for him one night. Lightning wasn't that jazzed (the rice was a bit sticky) and Thomas was very certain that Lightning just wasn't going to be the sort of dog who liked 'scraps' I said 'they are hardly scraps darling, I cooked them up for him and used lovely organic products' he said 'well mum what can I say, just for this conversation lets call them scraps'
  • this week was a cracker. This week we were all sitting around the table and I made some comment about the baby coming and he said. "Mum, this baby is my brother, Gaye is this babies mummy. you aren't Mum, you are my Mum, you can be in the babies family and you can help teach Gaye to be a mummy, but you are not the babies Mummy!

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