Monday, August 06, 2007

back from the snow

For a moment there last week, my (relatively small) family was spread across three states. Gaye and Al were in QLD, getting a head start on me as I was joining them that evening so I was in NSW. Thomas was at the snow in Victoria skiing with his Dad. I am not that good at all being spread out about the place. I prefer my family (especially my boys) within reaching distance 'just in case.'

But Thomas is back now - hooray! The days drag along a bit when he is away, and now that his Dad has ENGAGED (after being pretty part-time and slap dash - thou very loving I have to say - about it until he got married last year) with spending time with him, I am constantly challenged by Thomas being away more than I would like or am used to.

Thomas is getting to do some fabulous things, he is really enjoying himself and I know it is THE BEST thing for them to have a strong relationship (still a small part of me wishes he would just take it down a notch!).

This afternoon we are going out to replace Dash the goldfish we managed to keep alive for the last four years. He was Thomas' first pet and there was considerable sadness at his passing. I was chided by both Gaye and Thomas when suggesting just days after his death and toilet based funeral that we might like to buy another. But apparently the grief has eased now and we are ready to move on.

Al is of course a complete joy. 17 weeks, smiling and laughing. He is the biggest chatter box and likes to ensure he has our FULL attention while conversing. It is so lovely having a young baby in the house.

So lovely in fact that we have begun discussions of 'what next?' Should Gaye have a go again with those 'girls at boarding school' (Em-os in the freezer). Should I try (how will that be for Thomas being the much older sibling of two babies and one of them born from me) and if I do am I meant to use the Em-os that are made from Gaye's eggs before I make some more of my own???

These questions will be discussed at length (no doubt) over the coming months until decisions are made ....

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The Fonaholics said...

Oh wow, another baby in the wings, lovely, i would kill to have the opportunity to have my partners baby, i just think it is the most special link!