Monday, September 10, 2007

short and sweet

  • Al is almost sitting - but he WILL NOT roll
  • Thomas has hit five feet tall and fits into the size 12 clothes I bought him this weekend (he is 8) except he is so skinny ne needs to wear belts
  • I found two pairs of pants that I liked and fit on the weekend and was feeling very good in them until one of the kids at school asked me if I had a baby in my belly - hmm back on that diet again
  • the baptism approaches - it is looking kind of mad. Relatives coming from all sorts of states and cities. None of them have met before and it seems they will all be around for a week. Breathe for me


Holly said...

The boys are getting big!
I'm sorry but I laughed at the "baby in the belly" comment. Out of the mouths of innocent babes!
When people were telling me I looked pretty good for just having a baby after Andrew was born (remember, I wasn't the pregnant one) I started realizing that I should consider Weight Watchers!
Especially when a would borrow Lois' maternity pants for work because they were comfy. That was a bad sign.

amanda said...

Hope all went well at the baptism! i'm a little behind in my reading!