Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Today I found myself having breakfast with Thomas and checking out the form-guide. It must be Cup Day. I am not a fan of the horse riding myself - but it seems in very bad form not to lightly engage what is a national past time. I admit to feeling slightly uncomfortable about doing it thou - it is weird how gambling is OK in this context. Is it a good message do you think? - it is okay to bet occasionally as long as you realise you might lose the money... Anyway he chose Purple Moon because the rider had won twice before and I agreed to go with his choice too. His Dad who does not bet at any other time of the year has always bet on the Cup and mostly he wins. This is the message I got post race on my mobile phone:

Hi Mum I finally won in second place, Purple Moon came second. I don't how much money is. DAD DIDN'T WIN THIS TIME (exaggerated tone) but you would have won of course because Purple Moon came second unless you did a first bet which wouldn't be too smart. Anyway Dad lost $20.00, $20.00 (exaggerated tone). So that's that bye,

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