Wednesday, April 30, 2008

loving winter

I grew up in Canberra which might explain for my rather home-loving and some would say dull interests but definitely explains my joy in the changing seasons. Sydney doesn't have seasons in the way Canberra does where golden and brown leaves, blossom, snow on the mountains and scorching heat are a feature of each of the seasons. In winter you can see your breath as you exhale and in summer the heat of the middle of the day is dry and depleting.

So, unlike lots of people (like the rest of my little family) I enjoyed the rain the for much of last two weeks, it has felt so Autumny. I would like it more if it happened while I was not working so I could snug up at home rather than running the gauntlet of school drop offs and meetings across campus, but still, I enjoy it and find it soothing. The other plus is we have now not used town water for our washing or loo since October last year - and the tank is still lovely and full.

It has provided me the opportunity to get back into baking a few things. I love to bake but, unlike Gaye I am a recipe follower, and have found the challenge of egg and wheat free baking something I have had to work myself up to and so avoided while the sun has shone. But this week I made very good chocolate chip cookies without eggs or wheat flour. I am thinking of giving ANZACS a go next week. Thomas loves a home made biscuit in his lunch and I eat much less sugar when I am baking (I know that is weird but true)

It has also given me the opportunity to read my first bookclub book. I have found it a bit of a struggle to find the time and (even though I chose the book) the inclination to get through this book, which is a sweeping historical story. I am looking forward to discussing it with the lovely bunch of women who have agreed to give a bookclub ago with me - with lots of enthusiasm too.

It was sunny on Saturday which gave me a chance to get back into the garden - such that it is - and give my vegies and herbs some TLC. Thomas loves to work in the garden and grow things we can eat. Today we picked lemons, chilli, mint and tied back the tomatoes which look like they are going to give us another burst. He especially likes to feed the plants the 'worm wee' from our worm farm. Plenty also gets spilt all over the place. I saw a tv show last night with a local celb chef who had a huge row of pots up on his fence in his small inner city locale. I think once the deck is done i will do the same as it would vastly increase our growing ability.

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