Wednesday, May 07, 2008

were you up?

That was how Gaye greeted me this morning...were you up with the baby during the night? The answer 'no were you?'

We can not get over the miracle that is the baby bliss experience. Gaye and I were so not up for the cont*l crying business. But the process that Jo talked us through has resulted in the baby sleeping day (2 sleeps one of an hour and one of two hours) and night(from 8 - 7 last night) and without any awful drama or stress on his or our part.

Last night he went through the whole night without waking at three - which has been his way since Jo came to see us. He is so happy, he was always happy and easygoing, but now he literally sings and grins his way through the day. We have regained our ability to construct sentences - even at 8 pm. I had forgotten what it was not to be tired I think. It is all good.

Gaye and Al are off for a couple of days tomorrow to stay with some friends in Armidale which will be lovely for them. Thomas and I are going to do some big boy things and on Saturday he is going to surfing with his Dad in the afternoon. So I will be alone. Alone. I am not really a person who craves time on my own, I usually prefer to be with the kids and Gaye. But I so rarely get time on my own I am full of plans for myself. Plan A at the moment? I am thinking of having a massage and then retiring to bed for the afternoon with my new bookclub book...

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