Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thomas and Al

One day last week Al slept until 8:40 in the morning. By 8:40 the rest of us were up and he only likes to have his boob lying down these days. So Gaye didn’t bother. He got to the end of the day and so did she (she gave up night feed about two months ago) without a lunch time snack or an afternoon lie down with some boob.

He has not shown any interest again since. And so it seems he is weened.

Yesterday Gaye ate wheat, we have a plan to go out and eat eggs together and read the weekend papers from cover to cover.

Breakfast out on a Saturday or Sunday morning was a big tradition in our week before Al. Gaye and I read the papers, Thomas talked and read kids magazines or the comics from the paper on a Sunday. Since Al it has become more difficult – especially since his allergies make it no fun for him and that we have to organise his breakfast anyway so may as well do it at home.

Thomas came back from the snow with lovely gifts – bought with his own money – for Al. And a gorgeous photo of him flying down a slope for us. He came full of stories and bruises and looked relaxed and happy. He spent Sunday in bed or on the couch watching ‘lympics.

He is full of questions I can’t answer – like how the bike races work for example. He went back to school for a whole day yesterday only to spend last night vomiting and is now at home on the couch.

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elissa said...

You need to get Soy over to teach T about the bike races - he explains them all to me. The one I don't understand is the Kierin (or however it's spelled).