Monday, November 10, 2008

five things about Al

that are especially cute at the moment.

1. He loves trucks, planes and lights and gestures madly with his whole arm in the direction of any that he sees or hears. This is accompanied by a "ooohh" sound and very pursed lips.

2. He walks a bit like a penguin. Arms down by his side legs quite straight head moving about

3. He can climb up the stairs on the slide at the park, turns himself around and pushes backward until he reaches the top of the slide, holds on, grins and lets go. Thrilled with his achievement and the joy of the slide

4. When he had his final jab at the doctor with me last week he didn't cry but gave the dr what we call 'the tragic look.' This look is shared with us any number of times a day and involves his eyes half closed looking through the slits at us a frown and a down turned mouth. Any perceived slight (changing his nappy, holding his arm while he gets the jab, saying 'No' about going in the cupboard) is greeted with this particular look. It is so cute some of us like to bring it on!

5. He can't say NO yet in words, but he waves his arms back and forward in a sweeping motion to indicate it very very well!

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