Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Organised

I am on another sorting out cycle. These come and go with me and things have sat rather still in the last 12 months or so but suddenly I feel able to move on things that have been sitting in the to do pile – perhaps it is turning 40 or that bizarre ritual of getting things done before Christmas. Maybe it is because we are moving office at work and so organisation rules the day. Most likely it is because I have sold the house I shared with my sister after Gaye and I bought this place and so – although not actually in the money yet! – have a sense of having some actual cash to do the things we have needed to do. Whatever it is in the last month between us we have:
  • Organised for the builders to finish our deck this week (Gaye)
  • Organised for the new doors to go in this week (Gaye)
  • Organised Gaye’s brother to come and paint in January while we are away (Gaye)
  • Booked our holiday (us)
  • Booked a birthday party (me), made (us) and sent (me) birthday invitations
  • Organised the dog for the holiday (me)
  • Sorted out myself into one bank with all of Thomas’ accounts and mine streamlined – previously I had four! (me)
  • Done my tax (me)
  • Got ourselves all on one Medicare card (us)
  • Put my old super into the new (and much more stable!) super of my current employer (me)
  • Got my work mobile handset fixed and the simcard re done (me)
  • Got the last lot of work signed off (Gaye) and forms in to Council (me)
  • Got the dog final registration organised (me)
  • Done a huge health insurance and Medicare claim (me)
  • Ordered new lounges and chairs (Gaye)
  • Ebayed the old chairs and tv cabinet (me)
  • Ordered new built-ins for the bedrooms, tv cabinet and office cupboard (Gaye)
  • Sent in all the documentation to GET the documentation so I can go on Al’s birth certificate (me)
  • Transferred a whole lot of payments and refunds from our credit cards or individual accounts to our joint account (me)
  • Organised my Dad to get the letter about his illness earlier this year so I can claim on insurance the flights we had to cancel for our delayed holiday (me)
  • Transferred our photos from my work computer to our new computer (me)
  • Sorted through our junk draw (me – about once a month) and our bedroom draws
  • Put the old internal doors up on freecycle.
The thing about all these tasks is they have a flow on effect. They all need you to do step one and two before you can actually get to the task. Most frustrating! So I am feeling very virtuous to have done all these tasks. MOST VIRTUOUS!

I still have lots to do thou!
  • veggie garden to fix
  • photo albums to complete
  • send in documentation once I get it to get Al’s birth certificate changed
  • sort out the dumping ground that we call the attic
  • do Gaye's tax
  • ohh and get organised for Christmas…

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