Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thomas' first impressions

Thomas came home from his first day of school pretty impressed with new school.

Mainly he likes that he is expected to get about the school both in the morning and on the way to language and music classes on his own - rather that marched about in two lines from place to place.

He also thinks the canteen looks like a cafe.

And he got to choose his own buddy - apparently a good thing.

His main comment on the kids was that 'they sit up straight and listen all the time mum.'

Gaye and I almost wet ourselves at his story of getting lost thou.

After being told by the teachers at orientation 'not to worry about getting lost everyone does. Just remember you are in the Wright Building on level 1. That is right with a 'W', W R I G H T.'

Much to his embarrassment I made him practice walking into the classroom (two floors up, past reception, along the walkway, into the other building and down a floor) before we left.

One of the first things I asked him was 'how many times did you get lost'

'Only once Mum,' was his reply. 'It was because I was looking for the wong building - you know wrong without an r.'

That is one for the 21st....

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Kirsten said...

Oh, that's a great story about the wong building. Thanks for the laugh Thomas! :)