Friday, February 05, 2010

what did little school say about his first day ...

Al’s First Day at Little School
3rd February 2010
We welcomed you today Al, as you arrived with your mum Clare, who spent some time with you as you familiarised yourself more with our morning tea routine.
You appeared so comfortable in your environment, a big smile appearing on your face as you looked around your surroundings. No doubt many of the things you saw were already familiar to you, as you’ve done quite a number of pre visits before your first day of care today. You only took a few bites of your morning tea (which was corn thins and apple slices), as there were so many distractions around you and you couldn’t help but get up from your seat and explore these.
When your mum left you kept that smile and continued to explore what was around you. You played with the toy cars, pushing these along the table; you also were drawn to the drawing experience a few times and made markings on the paper using textas. Drawing is an interest of yours, and this is something we can provide for you to engage in while at the centre. You pointed to the Thomas hats on the hooks and picked up a book on trains from the book shelf and looked at this. From speaking to both your mums we found out that you like trains, and you are already showing your interest in the objects with trains at the centre on your first day.
Inside you were quite interested on the beds on the floor and happily lay on a few of them, as if deciding which one is the most comfortable for you to lie in. Again you couldn’t sit for too long during lunchtime and just wanted to explore the indoor environment. This is understandable as everything is still a novelty for you and all you wanted to do this day was explore and engage in the experiences.
By now your day at the centre had ended, with Anmah (note that is me Clare!) picking you up early. It was great to see you so comfortable on your first day and no doubt you will enjoy the rest of your time at the centre. Welcome Al to Little School and to the Blue group!

He is as happy as a lark. Yesterday he was off to play not long after morning tea and today pushed Gaye out the door when they arrived with a 'byyyeee' He is not eating much there year but slept there yesterday for two hours...

Happy bubba, happy mummas

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