Friday, March 17, 2006

St Patrick's Day

The DLB has gone off to school this morning with a banana cake iced in green. He very slowly and deliberately wrote St Patrick's Day and drew a tree with icing on the cake. He was very proud of himself.

He is completely delightful at the moment - he came into our bed sometime around 5 for a snuggle and fell back to sleep until 7 and woke in an excellent mood. His morning bath was filled with bubbles (of his own making) and he stood up in the bath covered in bubbles calling out 'I am bubble man', he made me an 'ice coffee' in a cup (water and bubbles) an old joke from when he was very small and we used to make 'cups of tea' in the bath.

He did try and convince me that I should pick him up early - 'say 2ish mum?' But went of to school happily clutching the cake.

He has decided that the girl he sits next to in class talks to much and he just can't concerntrate. (she is a lovely girl but a bit of a chatterbox) I am so proud of him because he talked to his teacher about it himself. He asked me to talk to her this morning - but it wasn't necessary because she had already decided to move them all around. She said he had been very fair and kind about it - asking the girl not to talk so much first and then talking to the teacher when she was alone. It is great is he starting to feel comfy in this class. The move from Kindergarten (where it all seems like play) to Grade 1 (where he assures me it is all work!) has taken some adjustment.

A busy weekend ahead - with three school parties to go to (I was never this popular at school!) and no doubt some house hunting!

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all


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