Monday, March 06, 2006

What a weekend

What a weekend we had. It was a complete reflection of my life - home, kid, love.

On Saturday morning my sister took the DLB off rock climbing at the indoor climbing whatsit down the road. This was the first half of his birthday present with another visit to come. The DLB loves spending time with this aunt - she is fun, engaged and always up for an adventure.

I woke up on Saturday obsessed with the idea of cleaning the house. Completely obsessed! The whole place felt like it needing sorting and cleaning and I started with the kitchen. Pulled everything out of cupboards and draws and scrubbed and washed. The GO managed to avoid my madness by focusing on the real job of the moment and looking at houses in the suburb we have decided to move to. After screaming around the suburb - looking at houses that were either gorgeous and out of our price range or ugly and on busy roads. We went home and I kept on cleaning the house... which at least made me feel a bit more connected to being there. Having made the decision to move I am finding it way hard to find motivation to clean and fix.

On Saturday night the DLB went to stay at his Dad's and we went to the Sydney Mardi Gras . It was fun - we drank outrageously priced drinks and sat in the Bobbi Goldsmith glamstand. GO said that our patronage of the glamstand was an indication of age. I said that was completely outrageous that it was an indication we had a decent enough income to support the community! Either way the fact that it was ordered, easy and uncrowded was indeed a blessing. I love Mardi Gras. I love the dykes on bikes and the cops who march. I love the dancing marching boys and the pokes that are taken at politicians and others. I love that the people of Sydney (and visitors from around the world) line the streets and then peacefully (largely) leave off into the night for parties or dinner or in our case home! Yes indeed. We did. We had a Saturday evening out, without the small boy, without paying for a babysitter and we were home tucked in bed by 10:30. And before you ask - asleep by 10:40 both (after a lovely cup of tea!). Rage On that is us.

It was lucky in a way really, because I was phoned by his Dad at 5:00am to say the poor darling had been up since 1:00 vomiting. So 5:10 found us in PJ's scuttling across the inner west of Sydney to pick up the DLB so he could share his vomiting around his clan. Sunday the three of us spent on the couch watching DVD's and sleeping!

home, kid, love that was my weekend.

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