Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Emilin says she is 'crunchy' this is not a term I have heard used in the way she does before ... but in her description I get the feeling that I probably am a little bit crunchy. When I hear the word crunchy I think of Anzac Biscuits and autumn leaves underfoot and this new fabulous hair product I have called beach hair.. that is what I have thought of previously as crunchy. Gosh, I wonder if you can use hair product and be Emilin crunchy? I wonder if just the act of calling it 'hair product' means I am not crunchy!

We recycle our paper, plastic, glass and tin, we send our garden scraps off in the garden scrap bin for mulching and eat organic food, drink preservative free wine, my lovely gal makes pizza, bread, stock, curry paste and last night bread and butter pudding from scratch that seems pretty crunchy... we dehydrate organic grapes to make our saltanas and we re-use any plastic bags we can't avoid.

My new job has my new office looking out on to the trees of the University campus - and it reminds me of my time in Canberra - wide streets, plenty of bike paths and a pretty crunchy life I lived then.

However, now we live in Sydney right in the middle of Sydney and it aint all that crunchy to live around here! My boy has just got these new electronic black boards in his school - they are called active boards - and this week they have video conferenced a school mate who is in Hanoi for a couple of months, done their maths homework on the huge board with an electronic pen that amazingly works on the screen in some sort of high tech magic. We own a subaru, we have two tvs, the boy has two tamagotchis - these things don't seem so crunchy...

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