Monday, April 10, 2006

PJ Day is called for

Thank goodness we have reached the end of term. My boy is completely and utterly over it. He has had a tough couple of weeks at school and is finding it completely impossible to keep his sense of humour. The other night after he had complained about his day at school, his teacher, his friends, dinner and a few other things and we had listened, heard and acknowledged that he was weary and over it we tried to turn his mind to happier things ... he turned to us and said 'huh! you are just trying to cheer me up!' Completely over it!

For about two weeks he has been asking for a PJ day. A PJ day is a day where we stay home all day in our PJs and don't really leave the couch. We watch dvds, play board games, eat chicken soup and icecream and don't answer the phone. A PJ day was promised for the holidays... I'm tired (this whole starting a new job is exhausting and wearing) Gaye is tired (she has hayfever) and the boy is way tired. So a PJ day is called for and tommorrow is the day. Good Friday is going to be way good. The only change to the usual routine is that Gaye is going to cook hot cross buns. Yum! I have been dehydrating grapes all week I just can't wait.

I am loving my new job actually - it is challenging but I think will be managable once I get across everything. It is so close to home and Thomas' school my day to day life has become much easier, this morning the Gaye and I had breakfast together on King St before work! A previously unheard of event. The people are nice and friendly and I feel like I can contribute... but I have to say getting across and getting access to all the systems (particuarly the technology) is driving me to distraction. I have set myself a task of one per day - today i went and got my key! - hopefully this means we will move through them. I think a PJ day might just do the trick for me too!

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