Thursday, May 25, 2006

Developmental fairy

The developmental fairy has been to our place. The small demon of a few weeks ago has left my angel and he is back to his usual charming self. (Well almost, he is 7!) When I went to school yesterday for reading, he ran up to me and said 'yay mummy is here' and gave me a big snug and dragged me off to look at the chicken eggs they are hatching in the classroom.

He is talking alot about our new house and the things that we will do and get once we get the new house especially the things that the 'talking is over' (ie the decision has been made). This, very gorgeous, phase comes from me saying 'hmm we will have to talk about/talk with Gaye about that' when he asks for something that would impact on our lives. He often reaffirms it 'the talking is all over about that isn't it Mum?' and then goes on to talk about said event/activity or purchase.

On Friday he gets his first learning medal at school (a learning medal is achieved after 3 blue certificates, each blue is collected after three red certificates and a red certificate can be for being a good friend, trying hard or academic performance.) Thomas' final red was for 'regular participation in classroom discussion' - a kind way of saying he ALWAYS has something to say! He is thrilled about his learning medal.

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Lo said...

Yay for Thomas!!!