Friday, May 26, 2006

the tea lady

My dad sometimes talks about when he first started work and how things were different. No computers, calling each other by title and last name and standard hours. The thing that most appeals to me is the idea of the tea lady. I know, I know, I am a lazy shit and I should just get off my bum and make my own cup of tea (especially in these days of bebing basically chained to a computer/desk) but god I love a cup of tea that someone else makes me. I really do - they taste better.

My lovely friend Jude seperated from her long term partner about 18 months ago and she says the thing she misses most is that cup of tea that turned up beside the bed in the morning or next to her while she studied. She has taken to buying herself a pre-mixed gin and tonic in a can because when she pours it it feels like someone else has made it for her.

I would love someone to make a cup of tea for me right now. I do enjoy a cup of tea I have made myself, I like the ritual. But I really really love the love and care and thought that goes into a cup of tea that just arrives, I really really do.

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