Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It is raining here, raining and raining and raining. Not over the catchment mind (why did they put that catchment there anyway?) but it is so gorgeous to have rain. To have it constant and plentiful, to have it soaking in the dry earth, it feels like winter, it feels clean. It is lovely.

It is also raining comments on civil unions and GLBT families. I am choosing - and this takes an INCREDIBLE amount of active thinking - to believe that it is a good thing that at least these things are being discussed and there does seem to be some reasonable conversations going on, in amongst the madness.

In the last couple of weeks there has been a ridiculous argument here about the use of a series of books written by a girl and her lesbian mum in a day care centre. And although the local tabloid went ape the local mayor stood firm, and the state Education Minister didn't entirely buckle. (She would be completely mad too - she lives in the area where the day care centre is). In fact, our kids go to the same, very inclusive school.

Today the civil unions for same sex couples legislation that has been passed in Canberra is going to Cabinet for discussion. And although there was complete hysteria at the thought of gay marriage, there seems some reasonable chance this will get through. And, call me Pollyanna; the right wing proposed private members bill and HEROC inquiry into discrimination against those in same sex relationships gives me heart.

Still, it is beyond me completely, when I see my boy and my gal snugged up on the lounge watching Star Trek (okay that is another story!) or Uno or him doing a painting for her or waiting up in bed for her to get home from work, how anybody could be even remotely concerned that our family is some sort of problem or threat to anything.

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