Wednesday, June 07, 2006

whose news?

Thomas is off school today - with a sore throat and an almost lost voice. The school rang yesterday and I went and picked him up between meetings (indeed I am a mother who dropped her not 100% well child at school because I had a meeting) and brought him back to work with me for the afternoon.

Thomas loves coming into work, the chocolate chip biscuits, the computer and mainly the sitting with the hole puncher and some glue and some shiney bits and making bits of art for my work walls. Gaye scored one yesterday for her office too. At my previous job we were just down the road from Gaye, and we could see her building from my window. Thomas would wave at her and email and tell her he was waving.

But today he is off school for the whole day. And Wednesday is my regular day in his classroom. Wednesday is also Thomas' news day... a much thought about and discussed event each week. We often count the number of sleeps until Wednesday.

So, I know I am truely loved, because when I spoke to him just a few minutes ago he said "Hey Mum if you go into school this morning , you can do my news if you like"

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