Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What is a family

June 1 has been declared Blogging for LGBT Family Day...Well why not I guess there is a day for almost everything.

We have been having lots and lots of discussions in our household about 'what is a family' and 'who is in our family?'. They are studying families at school (in a very nice and inclusive way - all sorts of combinations at our school), and I am finding it endearing that Thomas in his usual fact hunting way is keen to know what and who really is family. It is interesting to me that he is keen on them (the family) having names: ie - son, brother, parent, step parent, daughter. A few years ago he would have said that anyone in his parent group must be family (I think the definition then ways someone he loved) and my parents dog got a mention too.

I must say I agree with him the definitions can be complex ( the whole friends who are family thing) but as my dear friend Lisa would say it is the complexities that make us interesting!

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