Friday, September 29, 2006

All quiet on the Western (Australia) front

All will be a bit quiet now here in toaster land. We are heading west on Sunday for two blissful weeks without kid swaping and with lots of swimming and resting. Thomas' big requests is that we eat our breakfast together at the table with the milk in a jug (he stayed with his Granny last week) and we have promised that that will be no problem.

I have never been to WA (none of us have) but I admit that I am ignoring all indicators that it is a place with things like internet and mobile coverage and telling all and sundry that we will be OUT OF RANGE for days at a time. It is going to be JUST US, and no interruptions.

We have mapped out our trip and start at Cervantes, followed by Geraldton (which I am sorry I just can't be bothered linking too) and then will whip up to Ningaloo reef (ditto) and then make our way slowly back to Perth for our last two nights in a swanky (two bedroom) apartment.

Last night we downloaded the full details of the donor and he sounds and looks nice. (Isn't that handy) and I dreamt of young Olive (as in no bigger than an olive but making a big impact already) last night. By the time we get back it will be week 14 (YAY! YAY! YAY!)

It will also be time to tell my mother (not so YAY).

But right now it is time to go on holidays

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