Monday, October 16, 2006

The thing about holidays

Is that far too quickly they end.

Thomas and I are at home today for the last pupil free day (he loves the name of them ‘what are they mum again?) of grade one. How did that happen so fast? We have had a lovely slow nothing sort of day – with only a trip to establish a bank account for Thomas (who is thrilled at the thought of interest and was most disappointed to see that there wasn’t any right away!).

Gaye went back to work today.

That sounds simple but in fact turned into a half an hour mini-crisis (with laughter only attached) as she tried to fit into clothes that really, basically, well no longer fit. It aint the belly so much as the boobs which are about 4 sizes larger than they were 14 weeks ago, but her belly did pop out a little, just yesterday, I think.

We had a fabulous holiday, Thomas started and ended each day talking, he rolled over in bed (which was a bunk slung above ours in the van) and started talked each morning, he sat up front with us in the van talking as we drove and he ate dinner, lunch and breakfast talking. He really really can talk. And most statements are followed by 'isn't that right Mum/Gaye?" which means if you aren't paying complete attention you can find yourself agreeing to any type of maddness. The only time he didn’t talk was when he slept.

He made friends in every port and caravan park, in that way children do and developed those sores on his knees and feet that can only reflect a long hot summer holiday where shorts and no shoes are worn. He also insisted on wearing no undies under whatever he had on – on the grounds it was holidays!

We saw amazing things, incredibly beautiful and spectacular, we hung out, ate porridge on the beach at sunrise (he was still on Sydney time – a point of much discussion – and what time would it be in Sydney now Mum? Do you want Sydney or WA time?), swam on a deserted beach in our undies, he got called out of the crowd to feed a dolphin (twice), we played ludo, snakes and ladders, snap, go fish and checkers, saw wild flowers, rock formations and cliffs and we were in bed each night by 8:00 each night (that is WA time). We spent the last night in complete luxury after our two weeks of camping out. It really was a lovely holiday.

Back to work tomorrow – I have already started planning my next holiday in January with my brother camping at the coast with his kids and mine.

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J-Le said...

that sounds like a heavenly holiday to me.