Monday, September 04, 2006

It is just a wee bit stressful

Gaye is now 7 1/2 weeks along. Which means the little one is around 1 cm now. Last week we went to the blerky IVF clinic and had a scan which showed a then 6.6mm blob with its little heart beating.

There is only one

It's little heart was beating

It is due on 18 April

We are booked in to the birth centre for a tour in just two weeks.

Gaye is experiencing (and it has to be said celebrating) nausea and tiredness at a great rate and her body already looks different to me. It is completely beyond me how someone could possibly be pregnant and not know they are pregnant or at least notice the changes in their body.

Last night Gaye was worried she was spotting - all is well this morning- so I went out and bought two huge tombs today on pregnancy (mine are all in storage somewhere and at this rate of house buying we may never get them out) to compliment the funny and enjoyable 'up the duff' whenever she gets worried. And we do worry. It is just a little bit stressful (despite the assurance from Dr Blerk at the IVF clinic that the 6 1/2 week scan was the right size and the heartbeat was strong and this means a 95% chance (where does she get that stat I wonder?) that all will be okay from now on.

It is just another period of waiting really (a bit happier waiting but waiting none-the-less) and we all know that waiting really is stressful


Lo said...

It's all so exciting! yay Gaye!

Estelle said...

Waiting always sucks, but this waiting is good good good!