Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We came third ...

The excellent thing about my new job (and it is in fact the best thing about my new job) is that I am close to Thomas’ school. Which meant that today (School Carnival Day) I was able to take an early lunch and pop down to the carnival and enter into the parent and child race. Thank the goddess – we came third. I say that not because I am really all that competitive but my child is and I did want to do a decent showing for his sake. I admit I did make sure I wasn’t in the race with Gary (Dad) and Lily (child) who are completely lovely people but I knew would beat me by a mile. I figure I am good a strategy! I also got to watch Thomas and a mate win in the pairs race (they hold hands – so cute). He already had a couple of third place ribbons when I got there.

But the best bit? Seeing Thomas walk up to a little girl who hadn’t got any ‘place’ ribbons (she did have four ‘I ran in the race’ versions) and, without prompting handover one of his third place ones with a "here you go Belle – have one of mine." Her tears stopped and I told him I was more proud of that than anything.

14 weeks of crossed fingers update: 11 weeks today and off the blood thinner after a trip to the ante-natal clinic who said it wasn’t necessary.

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