Thursday, November 16, 2006

There is quite alot happening

but there are a few things that stand out from the last two weeks or so.

  • I got the all clear on my breast
  • We bought a house - which needs renovating and so I am interviewing project managers everyday this week. it looks nothing like the houses we have been looking at and it is in a slightly different area to where we have been looking, but we both feel really happy about it.
  • My Dad was completely gorgeous about the baby and came up to for a long promised visit to Gaye's work this week and it has been comfortable and easy
  • My sibilings have left messages for Gaye saying that they are really happy for her and look forward to reprising their roles as Uncle and Aunty.
  • My mum has not actually said anything negative (actually not said anything at all) about it and when she was here last week was polite with Gaye.
  • Thomas woke us up last week at 5:50am and had a conversation about christainity, evolution and reincarnation. With lots of tied up elements. His funniest comment was probably ‘well he didn’t live long then’ when told JC was born at Christmas and died at Easter. Closely followed by ‘well we were all monkeys and apes before anyway’ when untangling that some people believe that ‘JC rose again” and that some people believe in reincarnation. “Does that mean that I could be a fish and swim by my brother on the shore and say – look there is my brother?”
  • Thomas (although he has not been told yet about the baby) has been telling me all the reasons why a baby is a bad idea. His reasons are hilarious.


Megan said...

Wonderful news!! All wonderful...yes you're mum probably doesnt want to go through what you went through last time either...i'm glad everything went so well!! Your little Thomas sounds like a super thinker!! God or Darwin conversations already!! Wow!

Clare said...

God or Darwin, death and birth, 'burning up' or burial we cover it all in our family. Usually before 6am, he just rolls over in the morning and starts talking!