Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas is coming ...

Thomas has enjoyed Christmas for the last few years, but this year you can already tell it is going to be big. (And from the amount of questioning about the big red man, the last year Santa will really be believed in). We decorated the Christmas tree on the weekend, which is always joyful and was especially so this year. He was much into the filming of Gaye's belly and talking about a baby being in there.

He came to work with me on Monday afternoon after a trip to the dentist and spent the best part of 3 hours making Christmas decorations and covering my desk in glitter. He has a Christmas ideas book and is keen to make as many things as possible in the lead up to Christmas. We already have many traditions - stirring the pudding as a family with my Mum and making shortbread in the shape of trees.

This year we are going to add to the list by taking a combination of a friends Danish tradition of an Advent bowl (where each day to Christmas is counted down with a small present or chocolate and Loobylou's idea of a family events advent calendar. So a box of cards with family activities for each day and a small choccy. They will go from very Christmassy (like make our Christmas Crackers and take a walk to look at the lights) to just family fun (like dance like crazy and have a family race up the street).

He can't wait... I can't wait!!!!

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Holly said...

You guys just made me get into the Christmas spirit.
I think I am going to go home and bake cookies tonight, like I did with my mom when I was a kid.