Tuesday, January 02, 2007

“It is like a dream Mummy”

Last night when I tucked up Thomas in bed, he snuggled into me and told me that the whole day felt like ‘it is like a dream Mummy.’ How about that for a good start to the New Year! The reason for his enthusiasm? A 20 cm ball of black poodle fluff he has called Lightning. Joy, bliss and excitement as those two alternatively played and snuggled yesterday and this morning.

It has made the complete roller coaster of late night visits to hospitals, difficult situations with family, tantruming ex-partners and demanding visitors that was the 10 days around Christmas and New Years fade into a memory (that makes a pretty good story!).

Happy New Year my darling daring boy!

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Lo said...

Oh, a boy and his dog! There is no greater joy!!