Monday, January 08, 2007

Summer at last

Finally we have found summer in our household. Thomas is well again after 3 weeks of illness and we are spending our evenings in the front yard with him and Lightning, the sun goes down slowly this time of year and our evenings are a blissful event of a glass of red for me or soda in Gaye's case on grass that is amazingly green after all this much needed rain and a small boy bathed and pj'd playing with his puppy.

I am planning on making the most of this summer, and really trying to hold on to that feeling of things moving more slowly living in the moment a bit more (one of my New Year Resolutions)

Last night we went to watch Sydney FC do their thing. They lost against NZ, but Thomas is again inspired to become a famous soccer player and so spent this morning taking paint of my wall in the front yard with repetative kicking of the ball against it. He has promised me and Gaye tickets to all of his games wherever they are in the world. We have agreed we will be there.

We have made our annual plan with 5 points each. Here are mine:
  1. Get fitter
  2. Remain (become?) Zen like in the face of rennovations and moving
  3. Learn to sing
  4. Be the best mum and partner I can be
  5. Try and live in the moment more and let the little things slide.
Thomas's are to learn golf and teach his puppy tricks. I will leave Gaye to tell you hers.

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