Thursday, February 15, 2007

He is eight

I can't believe it. This time eight years ago I was moving from the birthing room to my room in the hospital amazed and stunned at him and myself.

Today I still look at him with amazement, he rode his new bike (a big boys bike with 21 gears and only handle breaks and big big wheels) with confidence, ordered his own breakfast at the cafe without any prompting, carried his cupcakes to share with his class in by himself and read all the cards attached to presents without any assistance. I am so proud of him sometimes I could burst.

Tonight Gaye is cooking pizza and I have made an orange cake, Aunty Sal is coming and we will have a small family celebration. On Saturday a party for 20 at the local bike path with friends, family, hot dogs and more cake.

Happy Birthday my darling darling boy

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Robin said...

Happy Birthday, young man!