Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just a quick trip to the hospital

Gaye has spent a good part of the last two and half days in hospital. She woke up during the night with some bleeding so we went to hospital on Tuesday morning at the direction of the birth centre midwife. They have done every test under the sun and it seems as if the baby is doing just fine, he is in there safe and sound, good heartbeat and his ultra sound looked normal. All the dreadful things they listed as possible reasons for bleeding did not prove to be true on testing - but they haven't actually worked out what it is that made her bleed.

So they have sent her home, which is good because we missed her and who rests in hospital anyway, but still at home resting today. The doctor was stern and firm with her about taking things easy (which I have to say she had been anyway) and coming back in should the bleeding start again but otherwise thinking that it is okay.

We are talking very sensibly to each other about how it is all going to be okay - but I admit to an ongoing worried feeling that has me ringing home often to see how she is.

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Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Oh, how scary for you both. I'm sure everything's just fine, though. Many, many, women bleed at some point in their pregnancy.