Monday, May 21, 2007

'Hold breath'

Thomas is a doting and kind brother. He is patient with him. And ready and willing to be of assistance with settling and bathing. He tells Al all the time that he is beautiful and not to cry. He gives him a snuggle regularly. He kisses him on the head to say good night. His interactions with Al regularly bring tears to my eyes. Al has smiled at Gaye lots and at me a few times, but his biggest and longest grins are reserved for Thomas. I am so glad Thomas has a sibling at last.

Thomas has also shown considerable care for his puppy - regularly commenting that "we need to make sure that Lightning knows we still love him even thou we are paying a lot of attention of the baby" and making sure to give the dog a pat after he has had a nurse of the baby.

He is also says very funny things at times.

Some of Thomas' comments on his brother:

  • when Al had the hiccups one morning ' why doesn't he just hold his breath Gaye' 'he doesn't know how to do it darling' ' you should tell him to hold his breath' 'He wouldn't understand darling' 'oh yeah ...we would have to make it simple' thinks a moment turns to Al and says very slowly and clearly 'Hold ... breath ... Al"
  • watching Al feed 'hey Gaye, don't you think it is funny that Al gets his milk from your privates?' "not really darling, all babies do, animals do too you know' he raises his eyebrows, face full of disbelief 'yeah right Gaye'
  • on our way to a special assesembly at school 'Mum is Gaye coming today?" 'No darling she is having lunch in town today' ' Well what about Al' "No he is going with Gaye" "I hope he doesn't feel like he has missed out!"

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Lo said...

What a wonderful big brother. Al is lucky!