Thursday, May 10, 2007

Press the pause button

Tomorrow Al is one month old. Gaye said the other night that she would just like to push the pause button and enjoy this bit a bit longer, which is how I have felt at every stage of Thomas' life, enjoying the current and his learning and growing, looking forward to the next bit but also sad to see each stage pass. It is the real wonder of being a parent I think.

He is completely lovely and we have had a terrific and joyful month full of family and friends and 'just us' time. He sleeps pretty well, has unsettled times and settled times. Likes his bath and to fall asleep on a chest. Gaye has been terrific and probably the calmest mother I have ever known, taking each challenge in her stride and enjoying her time with him.

I continue to be amazed at him. Babies are amazing of course and I knew I would love him because, if nothing else I love his mother so. But I am thrilled by and in wonder of how much he has taken my heart and how I can't imagine what life was already without him. It is very hard to leave for work in the mornings.

Thomas has taken to Al with a calm and considered passion that brings a tear both Gaye and I regularly. Climbing into bed each morning to give 'my brother' a snuggle and giving Al a small kiss as he snoozes in the pram each time he passes. Thomas has accepted all accolades for himself as big brother as his due but also allowed full and appropriate attention on Samuel. He is a kind and loving little boy. I am so proud of him.

Al has been to school for 'news' and to watch Thomas play soccer, he has had Grandparents, Uncles and Aunties to visit and this week caught a plane to see his Uncle and cousin in northern NSW.

We just love him

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