Friday, June 08, 2007

Beyond ...

I am beyond tired, beyond worn out, beyond anything. I just want to crawl into bed and never get out. This cold has taken hold of me and I feel like it is never going to leave. Gaye’s got it to now. Samuel and Thomas a coughing occasionally but almost better. Thomas didn’t want to go to school this morning – he was playing on his bed with lego and I nearly said okay.

We have had him for the whole week as his dad is away – and it is so lovely. I wish he were with me all the time. Most years I have had at least a month where his Dad has gone away – but not this year – in fact he is wanting more and more time with him as he gets older, which is a bit depressing. Still he spends most of his time with us and all of his weekends – I try and keep my mind on that.

A quiet weekend ahead – that is my plan. I have cancelled everything and everyone and am planning lots of rest and board games!

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The Fonaholics said...

Love the cancelling the weekend for boardgames option...i love boardgames...monopoly is my favourite!!!