Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm kind of bored to be honest. Bored at work. I have been this way for awhile now - kind of bored. There are good things about my job. It is so close to home I can pop home for lunch . it is so close to school I can do reading and it is like I have popped out for a coffee. There is lots and lots of sick leave (10 weeks per year!) which can be used as parenting/carers leave. My boss is okay - good about the personal stuff but pretty unpredictable and rather controlling about the work stuff. Which is, well, annoying at this (skilled) stage of my life.

Soooo - what to do? I have been here 15 months. (Did I mention that once I cross over to two years it is 20 weeks paid maternity leave NOT that I am thinking very much about getting pregnant). 15 months when most of my jobs have last a couple of years at least. My last agency I was in for almost four years thou I changed jobs in that time. My point being it doesn't look too bad on the CV - 15 months I mean. Do I stick with the slightly boring, slightly annoying job and boss with issues I keep trying to care about (but don't) with completely fabulous conditions or do I move on??

Gaye thinks I should find something else that I like more, Gaye's mum thinks I should wear it as it is so good family wise. My Dad loves the status of the organisation I work for....

I have an interview today for a job in a private company. I haven't worked in a private company before - what they do is try and get business to support community organisations and mentor social entrepreneurs. I'd be the research and evaluation girl and they said I could work from home two days a week. Sounds ok...huh? But is has taken them 10 weeks to get this far in the process and I am a bit worried it will be just like here. A bit boring, not quite enough to keep me busy. This is my today task - to interview them as well as they interview me!

Plus - a job I think I would like has come up at my old agency. I did like working there and I think I could do it. +++ good money, some interstate travel, might be a bit more interesting. -- less time at home, school reading etc etc would be a wash out.

It is the whole work life balance thing. Do you think it is to much to expect, interesting job, reasonable hours and good pay?


Mikhela said...

I think it is very hard to get them all from a job. My experience is great jobs are much rarer than the current milieu of 'make the life you want, create a fantastic fulfilling job' etc would suggest. And it's quite recent - certainly my parents never expected to be fulfilled in their jobs! The compromise I have always come back to is to study at the same time. That's probably not a very family-friendly solution though. Before you jump ship, be very clear on what you want.

On the other hand, no job in the public service is ever going to be fulfilling. It's so bureaucratic that everyone gets squashed into uniform mediocrity. if you are in the public service, run!

That's my advice, anyway.

Amanda said...

Nah, keep your hopes up! i'll be interested to hear more about the position at your old place!