Friday, August 24, 2007


  • it is the last day of the soccer season tomorrow and right now all the grounds are closed because it has been raining here in Sydney for about a week. After tomorrow our Saturdays won't start with sport for a whole 5 weeks - when swimming will start - we are looking forward to that ... but I have enjoyed being part of this new team with the lovely parents and kids on a Saturday morning and not having a role in organising anything!
  • Thomas is off to see the Sydn*y FC play tonight as their season is starting up (maybe our weekends will include sport!)
  • I am just loving facebook. I am playing Scrabble with an old highschool friend who I usually have email contact with twice a year. I am really loving this
  • Al has almost mastered all of the things all those check-lists say he should have mastered by the time he is 4.5 months old. He can't roll yet.
  • He has decided that sleeping is best done in short spurts. We are trying to convince him otherwise.
  • He has also found is thumb - he finds it alot now
  • Gaye is managing to work from home and parent a 4.5 month old. She is very very clever.
  • We are looking forward to Al's baptism - which everyone we invited seems to be coming (despite the fact that we actually invited all those interstate relatives with the aim of being inclusive but with no expectation that they would actually come) we need to come up with a more serious menu and plan for the day as a result.
  • I asked Thomas if he thought Gaye and I should have some sort of ceremony like a wedding. He said that we were already married to each other and you can't just go around getting married over and over because you feel like it... I said I thought he was right about that...

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Holly said...

You guys are busy!
I love Thomas' response about the wedding! Yeah - you can't just keep getting married all over the place, over and over again! LOL!!!