Monday, March 10, 2008

almost one ...

Not long from now, in just over a month, Al will be one.

And like all parents we are amazed that this first year has gone so fast, that he has developed so much and is so incredibly clever, beautiful and basically divine.

He is completely gorgeous at the moment – tearing up whenever Thomas, Oliver (his babysitter) Gaye or I leave the room or the house. Actually not so much Gaye – much to her chagrin. But I say this is because he is so beautifully attached to her and wonderfully sure that she (who is around the most) will be back that he feels no worry about it. Those of us who come and go almost everyday - to work and school and to play at friends houses and the like are much more unreliable than Gaye and so are treated to tears (while waving) on departure and greeted with incredible joy on our return (legs, arms flapping, grins and happy sounds).

On the sleep front we have put in place a bit more of a night-time and daytime routine which – no surprises here folks – he is responding well too (for the most part last night was an exception) already.

Although he sits at the lower end of the weight chart he has little chubby legs that swing back and forward under his highchair or when he is being carried on a hip. His vocab has increased to aahhs and gaahs but there are no identifiable words yet. He does have a very endearing habit of throwing his head back looking at the ceiling, pursing his lips and making an oohh sound over and over. I am not sure what it is about but we all love it.

He pulls the dog’s coat and puts his hand in his mouth and goes for his toys whenever he is close by (bless Lightning for his patience and kindness). Everything still goes into his mouth to be checked out and thoroughly processed but he has begun actually eating the pieces of vegetables and fruit and toast with avocado we put on his highchair rather than just throwing them over the side.

He cries if I don’t pick him up and let him have a bang on the piano when I am practicing and continues to get very excited when the jolly jumper is pulled out for a bit of jumping action. He continues to crawl through a mixture of commando and the usual style – getting from place a to b rather efficiently. He has just started to pull himself up in the cot occasionally but is not employing this skill yet in any other forum. He is also pretty attached to what I can only call 'the mountain' from my yoga days - toosh in the air, hands and toes on the floor, legs straight and head between his arms. This position is most often at the beginning of a decision to get somewhere fast or when rolling around on our bed (one of his happiest times) in between us mid feed.

There are many many more things about him that I just adore but ...his and Thomas’ mutual love and devotion continues to be of the greatest joy to me (and them). We have recently given Thomas permission to carry him about - and Al seems most happy with this turn of events (we didn’t want to spend the whole time telling Thomas what he could and couldn’t do with Al so just had one rule – Thomas could hold/play/feed Al whenever he wanted as long as he was sitting down) and they have been bathing together a bit which honestly is a huge mess and lots of fun but also the sort of stuff that brings tears to your eyes.

He is almost one.

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Lo said...

He sounds delicious!