Thursday, March 20, 2008


We are off to Melbourne tonight to spend Easter with my bestest friends who have just moved there. We are staying in an apartment down the road - I didn't really think it was fair to land all four of us on them in their new tiny place. I can't wait to see them and just hang out.

Our friendship is largely based on hanging out - at each others places over dinner or lunch or coffee. And although we did on occasion actually do things together it will also be a bit novel to be doing things with them over the weekend.

I have found it a bit of an adjustment them moving away as they were the
people most likely to be found at our place for dinner on a Saturday
night, we knew lots about each others lives and they are my parenting
gurus when I need advice.

Despite my fears we seem to have managed this first two months well - talking lots on the phone and keeping up to date. I guess time will tell how our friendship develops and changes but I am sure we will always be connected.

It has been good for me thou as I have been forced out of my regular and comfortable ways and started inviting other friends around to eat (this is what I really love to do) including branching out with newer friends and renewing or changing my time with older ones.

I started to feel a bit lonely (my two closest friends now live in other
cities) so have been active about seeking people out. I am proud of myself.

I sent out an email today to ask a group of women about starting a bookclub. Although the daggy high schooler in me was worried about rejection I have had good feedback so far and am already planning our first evening event.

We had some very good friends of mine and some new ones around to lunch last Sunday, all our children played well and the adults got on well it was one of those lazy Sunday lunches that went on into the afternoon.

A good start I think.

But still ....I am really really really looking forward to going to Melbourne this afternoon


Anonymous said...

I have been reading and reading your blog and thinking "you sound a lot like people that I know, only the names have changed". The more I read, the more spooky that feeling is. If you are not my dear friends already, then you are spookily like my dear friends and you must meet.
XX Lis

Clare said...

Hello Lis

Since you and your family are in the previous post I think it is safe to say - Yes it is us - I use middle names! I did link my blog to my comments on your blog so it is not like I was trying to keep a secret from those - like your good self - that we love.