Friday, March 28, 2008

chicken pops

we have the chicken pops (thomas refuses to call them anything else). well when i say we i mean the smallest boy does. last night around 3:30 he was awake and i noticed lumps. her reacts to bites quite badly so we started some anti-histamine and went back to bed. this morning and throughout the day the few 'bites' have spread across his face and hands. gaye took him to the dr this evening and yup we have the chicken pops.

al is doing pretty well he has been a bit clingy but otherwise ok. he looks pretty terrible thou.

as today is the 'worst' day in terms of infection we have just packed thomas off to his Dads in an effort to avoid passing it on to him (his already delayed birthday party is in two weeks). and he, his (other) step mother and I are off to get a shot tomorrow morning which apparently gives a good chance of not passing it on.

so we have cancelled everything, rung everyone we have had contact with in the last week or so (we had a rather large family get together with kids of all ages over Easter) a quiet weekend ahead - just sitting around counting the pops.

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