Friday, April 04, 2008


It is completely delicious in Sydney right now - cool breezes, sunny days and gorgeous evenings. We have been doing all the things you do in this lovely weather with walks around the park in the evening and enjoying the last moments of the extended daylight saving by gardening after work.

We have planted carrots and a new batch of lettuce and in a bit of whimsy for my childhood - rubarb. I have this idea of cooking "rubarb full" a special past down from my grandmother but to be honest I may have to buy the rubarb as (a) we only planted one plant and (b) Sydney really isn't ideal for such an item. Still ....

We also planted some native violet and a star jasmine as we are never allowed to leave the nursery without some sort of 'beautiful flower' that Thomas has his eye on. Often I give in an buy some garish number of his choosing this time I liked his choices. My mother has an incredible garden and Thomas would really like us to have a quarter block to garden and play on. In theory I would too - but I only just keep up with the care required for our very small patch of grass and pots (not to mention the mortgage payments for the land we have) so I am not sure if in reality I would enjoy it as much as he would.

We are finally starting to get our lives in order and have a clear list of 'things to do' on the house that will make it feel more comfy and completed. These are - in order - finish the deck, by a new tv cabinet, pull up the concrete and pave/grass areas, put in built in cupboards and complete the painting.

Ofcourse there are a complicated list of things attached to each of these (council, look at possible extension plans etc etc) but still at least there is a list. It all feels a bit springy rather than autumny but there we are ....

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