Friday, April 04, 2008

Bits of boys news

Thomas has made it on to the school soccer team. This is very very exciting even more so as we had done a considerable amount of trying to bring down his expectations as we were told that Grade 3's don't usually make it into the team and he should think of it as something to aim for in Grade 5 or 6.

I am pleased for him - because he is completely thrilled - but also wonder if it is right to be letting him focus totally on soccer (he will now have one practice and game in school and one practice and game out of school each week as he is on an
outside school team as well). This was one of the selling points to him of the school so I have just decided to go with it this year - as long as it stays fun.

He is settling really well into school, enjoying band and mandarin (reasons why I liked the school) and making new friends. His (twice delayed thanks to broken arms) birthday party is the week after next and he can't wait.

Al is recovering nicely from the chicken pops and we are back to teaching him that sleeping all the way through the night is a good thing. It was Gaye's turn last night which she actually seems to have used the hour between 12:30 - 1:30am effectively bysimultaneously studying (I did piano practice the night before) which is pretty impressive. he is crawling very well now and makes a bee line for the hallway and the door outside whenever either is open/close by. I am trying to teach him to blow
kisses which so far only results in his hysterical laughter ... His actual birthday and birthday party is next Sunday and although he doesn't care much the rest of us are enjoying planning it for him.

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